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Durable Nylon Thong Rugged EVA Footbed
(Item#: IB910 )


The IB910 features the Island Pro Black Lug sole and original foot bed design, with the arch, heel cup, and outside contour. Only the best quality webbing is used on these thongs and, after a short break-in period, the soft EVA insole will self-mold to your foot's unique shape. If you are looking for lots of mileage and a slipper that lasts, this is the one for you. Made in Hawaii.

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The best that there is

My brother got me a pair of Island slipper pro's in the early 1980's. I wore them every day for 15 years. In the desert,beach,rivers,hot Texas pavement,everywhere. After 15 years,I got a new pair of slippers. The old pair had many years left in them. And again the new pair lasted for many years of use everyday. And they never failed me one time at all. In 2005. I got 3 new pairs. I wish I had 3 sets of feet to wear them all at one time. There is no question at all, what Sandle/flip flop/beach slipper,to own/give as a gift. Island slipper is number one. Your feet will never fail you when you have a pair of. Island slippers on them. They are the best!
Best sandals ever

By , MESA , AZ
I just ordered another pair after buying the first ones 7 years ago on my Honeymoon in Hawaii. These are the most durable sandals out there. I own Teva, Keen and the like. These come in my size & they're comfortable. I have seriously worn them almost everyday since I bought them. The top of the sandal wore out before the bottom. Awesome sandal, keep making them same way. Totally worth the money.